annoy v. 惹恼

S1-2 It annoys Ann that her cats are always running all over the house. She really wants to give them away! But the moment she hears their contented purrs and looks into their heart-melting eyes, her darty stares and bellowing yells softens into admiring gaze and soothing cooings.

S3 What makes the situation worse each day is that whenever she sees the poignant looks of street cats, no matter how filthy they are, she takes them home without even blinking. So the number of annoyances just keeps growing!




announce v. 宣布

S1 The Prime Minister has announced that public spending will be increased next year.


S2/3 The Prime Minister has announced that public spending will be increased next year only to the dismay of the general public, who has long been expecting a double digit increase on education and health services and definitely not what the PM has put forth – a double digit increase on water and sanitation only, and a mere 2% increase, much lower than the current inflation rate, for the rest. What is the problem with this man? Is it a joke? People ask.

首相已经宣布明年将增加公共开支,却反而令公众惊愕失望。公众一直期待一个对教育和健康服务双位数的增加,却肯定不是首相所提出的那些 –水务和卫生设施双有位数增幅,其余的仅仅增加2%,比当前的通货膨胀率要低得多。这个人有什么问题?这是一个玩笑吗?民众问。

analyse (BrE) (NAmE analyze) v. 分析

S1 You need to sit down and analyze why you feel so upset.


S2/3 Is it because of something outside your control or the simple fact that you are overreacting? If it is the former then we have to probe further and do some further analysis. If it is the latter then you can tell me what the fuss is all about. I am all ears.


amuse v.逗乐 vs entertain, regale

S12 Apparently these stories are meant to amuse. Obviously you find them amusing – you are still giggling at them.

S3 As for me, I’m not amused, not a bit; I would rather amuse myself by watching the passers-by, which, in many ways, is a better form of amusement. Do you see that guy in a ruby-red outfit?


ambition n. 雄心; 野心; 志气; 抱负; 志向; 目标; 夙愿 ambitious

S1 Shiftless and lacking ambition, Rick has no desire to achieve anything great.


S2/3 Shiftless and lacking ambition, Rick has no desire to achieve anything great while his twin brother, quite his reverse, has already, at the age of 21, achieved one of his ambitions in life─to establish a company of his own.

S2/3 Rick为人得过且过/不思进取缺乏雄心大志,无心成就大事,而他的孪生兄弟,与他完全相反的Thomas,在21岁时已经实现了他人生的其中一个志向 – 建立了自己的公司。

amaze v. 令人惊异 amazing amazed amazement

S1 So amazing was the opera that it entranced me from the first note that was sung.


S23 It is often said that people’s first impressions, independent of sex, race, social status or education level, towards the classical theatrical art are diametrically opposite – you either love it or hate it, and there are no in-betweens. As for me, it was love at first sight, with no turning back!

常说人们对这古典戏院艺术的的第一根本印象截然相反–你要么爱它或恨它,没有中间派。这两极分化是独立于性别,种族,社会地位或教育程度的。而对我来说,那是一见钟情, 回不了头!

alternative n., adj. 可能性之一 只能二择其一的 另类的


Caught in the act, he had no alternative but to confess why he had to cheat in the exam.


But still / then, brazenly and preemptively, he had the nerve to ask the teacher whether there would be a viable alternative to detention, as he had a date that evening.

他被当场抓住, 除了招供为什么要在考试中作弊外别无选择/出路. 但他仍恬不知耻的,先发制人地胆敢问老师是否有一个可行的選擇替代留校拘留, 因为那天晚上他有约。